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Biblical Account on Origin of Languages

Language is a barrier that has separated human beings for centuries. In the United States you cannot walk down the street any more without hearing a myriad of different languages being spoken. But how did it get this way? Is the Bible story about the Tower Of Babel really true? If you have never heard of it, you can find it in Chapter 11, in the Book Of Genesis. According to the biblical account, a united humanity, that spoke a single language, decided that they should build an immense tower, so that it would have its "Top In The Heavens". After God saw what they were doing, and saw that the tower was something that was being built to Glorify Man with the motive of making a name for its builders, God came down and destroyed the tower and "Confounded thier Languages" and scattered the people of the city throughout the Earth. And so the story goes, thats how man ended up with so many different languages in so many different parts of the world. When traveling to different countries outside of the United States, whether it be for business or pleasure, it's always nice to be able to communicate with people in thier native toungue, and nowadays it has never been easier to learn different languages. Even if you don't learn a second language completely, its pretty easy to just learn "Conversational Language" for wherever you are traveling to. With that, you can communicate with indigenous people where ever you may be, enough to be able to offer a greeting or compliment, to order food or to make purchases, every day words and phrases that are often used. Though it has been said by a well known language professor, that to learn a different language, you have to "Immerse yourself in it" and practice daily. I guess its all about how much time you have and how much of the language you want to learn. HOW ABOUT SOME COMMENTS

Foreign Languages In Everyday Life

In this day and age, especially in this melting pot we call the United States, you can hardly walk down the street without hearing people speaking in different languages. I was at the grocery store the other day and a family was in front of me in the checkout line, and they were just jib-jabbering away, a mile a minute, in what language I don't know. But when it came time to pay, the matriarch of the group spoke better English to the cashier than I could. It was quite apparent that these people were fairly well educated, at least thats the impression I was left with. When you have the ability to speak more than one language, you certainly have the edge, in a way. Nowadays, if you are multi-lingual, you are highly sought after by many employers. International trade and doing business with a variety of different countries is everyday procedure anymore, and being able to communicate is a necessity. Its funny that most foreigners you run into always speak thier native toungue, definitely English, and then perhaps even a third language, like Spanish. As Americans, most of us only speak English, but it has become increasingly more popular to learn a second language these days, in fact it has become "Trendy". Learning a second language has never been easier. With the resources available today, you can learn just about any language you want, and have a grasp on it after just a few weeks of study. I have listed some of these Language Courses on the sidebar. Check it out.

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